30 Dec 2014

Major (Honorary) Henry Pillichody

Commandant from November 8, 1924 to July 31, 1928

Major (Honorary) Henry Pillichody
Yverdon, Switzerland, March 23, 1893. Become military pilot of Duvendorf, on 1915, obtaining the rank of Air Lieutenant, was instructor on the pilot schools in his country, combat pilot during the First War World and director of the aviation camp in Berna.

The Decrees No 1737 and 1756 from November 8, 1924 reactivate the Aviation Military School and order the contracting of a Swiss mission to command its function, due to what, the Air Captain Pillichody was contracted to work as Chief of such Air Mission, obtaining the honorary rank of army Major in Colombia.

As chief of the mission Major Pillichody simultaneously occupy the positions of Military Aviation Section chief in the War Ministry, being the only case that a foreigner occupied such position in our country and of Director of the Aviation Military School in Madrid, in which also worked as flight instructor. Thanks to his work was created in Colombia the flight rate for the military aviator in which is recognize the risk and work that imply the activities of the military flight.

At the end of his mission in Colombia, when return to Switzerland, was one of the most expert pilots in his time, did 10.267 certified flights, accumulating 3.529 flight hours during which flight 550.000 kilometers, he flew more than 100 kinds of aircrafts and inaugurate the first international route in Europe flying between Genf (Switzerland), Zurich (Germany) and Nuremberg (Switzerland).